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VisitInquiry of the space rental

Inquiry of the space rental

Operating of a space rental

To the extent that the oriental medicine center does not interfere with the operation of the oriental medicine center, the rental is conducted to organizations and institutions for exhibitions, events, performances, etc., that can contribute to the development of the oriental medicine industry and oriental medicine

Rental may be restricted depending on the purpose of use(Event for commercial purposes & relationship promotion)

Information on rental facilities

Rent hour : Tuesday to Sunday 09:00 to 18:00 (Winter 09:00 to 17:00)

  • Multi-purpose auditorium

    Multi-purpose auditorium

    Location : 3rd floor      - rental area : 131.2㎡

    Status of installation of internal facilities : lecture table and class table (56 seats), beam project, etc.

  • 약선음식체험관 이미지

    Herb Meal Experience Experience Center

    Location : 3rd floor      - rental area : 79.2㎡

    Status of installation of internal facilities : Cooking class demonstration table and practice table (16 seats), induction, practice furniture, bowls, etc.

Rental process
  • 01
    Rental counseling

    Telephone and visit consultation, determination of rental type and suitability, inquiry of schedule, and confirmation of possible date

  • 02
    Information on rental use and application

    ·Overall things concerning the use of facilities and the facilities (procedures, installation and evacuation hour, use of subsidiary facilities, Requirements for facility operation compliance, etc.) ·Information on the rental fee and preparation according to the application

  • 03
    Judgment on Rental

    Deliberation of the contents of the event according to the regulations and operating conditions. (Commerciality, noise interference, etc.)
    * Management & Operation of the 「Seoul K-Medi Center in Dongdaemun-gu」 Judgment according to the ordinance

  • 04
    Notification of permission and information on rental fees

    Applicant's information
    (Application for permission, terms of compliance, calculation details)

  • 05
    Payment of the fee

    Upon permission, the rental fee must be paid five days before the scheduled use date

  • 06
    Usage of the rental

    You can use the space with on-site guidance

  • 07
    The end of the rental

    Evacuation of facilities, an inspection of space, equipment, and cleaning up surroundings after the event

The rental fee
The rental fee
facility Location The rental area The standard time for one-time use The rental fee
Experience Center 3rd floor 79.2㎡ 2 hours (per hour exceeding) 20,000 won (10,000 won)
Multi-purpose auditorium 3rd floor 131.2㎡ 2 hours (per hour exceeding) 30,000won (15,000won)
The rental fee
facility(Location) The standard time for one-time use The rental fee
Herb Meal Experience
(3rd floor)
rental area : 79.2㎡
2 hours
(per hour exceeding)
Multi-purpose auditorium
(3rd floor)
rental area : 131.2㎡
2 hours
(per hour exceeding)
  • If the usage time is less than the standard time, it is considered as the reference time
  • Preparation time and cleaning time are included in the usage time
  • The user's parking lot usage fee will be charged separately
  • Evidence documents related to rental fee payment will be replaced by the rental permit issuance.
  • A person who has obtained permission to rent shall pay the rental fee five days before the scheduled use date. However, if the head of Dongdaemun-gu Office. admits that the lessee has unavoidable reasons, the rental fee may be paid by the day before the event date.음
  • The rental fee includes facility usage fees and extra facility usage fees such as cooling and heating and shall be governed by the institution.
An application method of rental
1Application method: Please download the application form below and use "Apply for a rental"
2To apply after consultation with the person in charge of facility rental. T.070-4169-0001
Rent restrictions
  • Rental that may cause noise or damage to facilities
  • Rent for commercial purposes that generate profits
  • An event that the rental user can't control
  • An event that contains the potential to harm the public order
  • A relationship promotion event that includes drinking
  • Political tendencies and religious group gatherings
  • Organization or group that the cancellation rate is high or doesn't notify
  • If any violations of the purpose of renting centers or deemed necessary for the public interest, permission may be restricted even after the use is decided, and the rental fee refund is not possible.
Regulations for rental
  • In the event of damage to facilities, equipment, and goods, the lessee compensates for the damage or restores it to its original state
  • In the event of a safety accident or injury, the rental person is responsible.
  • The lender is responsible for the management of exhibits and related goods following the rental event.
  • A person who obtains permission to lease cannot transfer the right to a third party without the head of Dongdaemun-gu Office.
  • Cancellation of rental must be made seven days before the scheduled use date.
  • You can't eat in the rental facility.
Refunds due to cancellation of rental
  • When requesting a refund of the rental fee, fill out an application for a rental refund three days before the scheduled use date, and make a deposit account.
  • Refund will be processed within 14 days of receipt to the person in charge with the copy
  • If you request a refund to an account other than the designated bank, the deposit will be processed, excluding remittance fees to other banks.
  • Cancellation of the use of the Seoul K-Medi Center due to unavoidable circumstances or In the case of suspension : Total return(100% return)
  • In the case where it becomes impossible to use due to natural disasters or other force majeure. : Total return(100% return)
  • Due to the circumstances of the lessee, they apply for cancellation of the use of the facility three days before the date of use and return. If requested : 50/100
  • Due to the circumstances of the lessee, they apply for cancellation of the use of the facility one day before the date of use and return. If requested : 30/100
Rental application The person in charge will contact you after receiving the rental application.
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