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Seoul K-medi Center
Seoul Yangnyeong-si, the largest herbal medicine distribution market in Korea, had ‘Bojewon’. This old relief organization used to take care of sick people and instill new hope in their tough lives during the Joseon Dynasty.

Seoul Yangnyeong-si, located in the old site of Bojewon, where this spirit of citizens resides, has established itself as a mecca for the Korean herbal industry and an attraction in Dongdaemun-gu, Korea. And We are sure that the establishment of the "Seoul K Medi Center" will serve as an opportunity for Seoul Yangnyeong City to become a pioneer in the popularization of oriental medicine and a base for oriental medicine industry.

The Seoul K Medi Center, built in a traditional hanok style, offers a variety of oriental medicine cultures and oriental medicine museums, herbal medicine clinics, herbal medicine food experience centers, foot baths, oriental medicine cafes, and oriental medicine beauty shops.

'The Seoul K Medi Center', which will emerge as a landmark of Korea in the near future, has now taken a strong step toward the vibrant Seoul Yangnyeong City, which will become a street of health and youth. Dongdaemun-gu will continue to provide generous support and efforts to help the Seoul K Medi Center encompass the oriental medicine industry and the tourism industry of the local community.

Please give us your interest and support.

The head of Dongdaemun-gu District Office Lee Pilhyeon