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동대문구청장 유덕열 이미지

Bojewon was a relief institution in the Joseon Dunasty era that
cared for the ill and gave them hope. It was located at
the present site of Seoul Yangnyeong Market,
which is the biggest distribution market for herbal medicine in Korea.

Seoul Yangnyeong Market, located at the historic site of
the traditional healing center Bojewon, is a mecca for the Korean
K-medi industry that is growingly into an attraction of Dongdaemun-gu.
Also, I'm positive that the construction of Seoul K-medi Center will make it
into the advance guard of popularizing K-medi and a bastion of the K-medi industry.

Seoul K-medi Center, built as a traditional Korean-style house exuding traditional grace, has the Herbal Medicine Museum, K-medi Clinic,
Herbal Food Experience Room, Foot Bath Experience Room, K-medi Café and K-medi Beauty Shop.
This allows visitors to experience the many facts of K-medi culture.

Seoul K-medi Center, “which will float as a landmark of Korea,” has taken a big step toward Seoul Yangnyeong Market to stand as a street of health
and youth. Dongdaemun-gu will keep supporting the center and try to make it embrace the area’s tourism industry as well as the K-medi sector.

We sincerely ask for your attention and support.

Oct. 27, 2017Mayor of Dongdaemun-gu Office, Yoo Deok-yeol