Seoul K-Medi Center

K-medi CenterIntroduction to Center

Introduction to Center

Seoul K-medi Center is

located at Seoul Yangnyeong Market,
Korea’s distribution center for Oriental medicine.

This K-medi complex cultural facility promotes the excellence and safety of
traditional K-medi through exhibitions, lectures and experiences of various themes.
The center will play a pivotal role in making Seoul Yangnyeong Market a hub of
the K-medi industry by securing the credibility of K-medi products. It will also
promote the excellence of traditional K-medi with experiential content
including K-medi culture and contribute to spreading K-medi worldwide
by developing programs.

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Facility Overview
  • Facility Location26, Yangnyeongjungang-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
  • Site / Gross Area2,707.89㎡ / 9,707.89㎡
Detailed Facilities
B1~3FPublic Parking Lot
1FInfo Desk, Image Experience Room, Traditional Clothing Experience Room, Voluntary Work Room, Educational Culture Experience Room,
K-medi Beauty Shop, K-medi Product Promotion Hall, Promotion Image Room, Management Office
Annex 1FK-medi Cafe
2FSeoul Yangnyeongsi Herbal Medicine Museum Exhibition Room, Foot Bath Experience Hall
3FBojewon (K-medi Moving Clinic, K-medi Experience Room), Multipurpose Hall, Herbal Food Experience Hall