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Organization chart

  • Center Director / The head of the center Ms. Jo Namsook


    The general manager of the Seoul K Medi Center

    Cooperation with the Center Steering Committee and external partnerships

  • Officer in charge Mr. Lee Jeongwoo


    General affairs of the team (budget, accounting, etc.)

    Service of center staff and facility management

    Matters concerning the employment of term workers and fixed-term workers

    Non-tax revenue (entrance fee, tuition fee, etc.), product management

  • Officer in charge Ms. Seo Boyoung


    Promoting oriental medicine products, planning and operating events

    Operate the qualification course for the oriental medicine industry

    Establishment and operation of industry-academia network

    Managing licensed facilities such as oriental medicine cafes and beauty shops

  • Officer in charge Mr. Yoon Seongjun


    Research on the history and culture of oriental medicine and publication of reports

    Exhibition planning, exhibition room, storage management, and operation

    Collecting, registering, and managing relics and materials

    Support for educational experience work

  • Officer in charge Mr. Wi Wonbeom


    Press release, press support, etc.

    Online promotion such as homepage, SNS channel, etc.

    Exchange between regional bases and related organizations and domestic and foreign tourism marketing.

    Making promotional contents (video, brochure, etc.)

  • Officer in charge Mr. Oh Ji-eon


    Planning and operation of education (experience) programs

    Planning and operation of cultural events

    Planning domestic and foreign programs to activate tourism business

    Support for historical and cultural research and exhibition work of oriental medicine

  • Officer in charge Ms. Lim Dasom


    Operation of a special exhibition room, research & investigation of data on oriental medicine, and exhibition commentary

    Planning and operation of mobile exhibitions

    Kindergarten, weekend family education main instructor, and general education assistant instructor

  • Officer in charge Ms. Heo Min


    Main instructor for elementary school students and assistant instructor for overall education

    Research on data on oriental medicine, commentary on exhibitions, and edit educational and exhibition contents

    Museum and Seoul Yangnyeong City Alley Tour Docent

  • Officer in charge Ms. Lee Eunji


    Korean and foreign group oriental medicine experience training

    Exhibition design of permanent exhibition room, researcha & investigation of data on oriental medicine, and exhibition commentary

    Planning and operation of internal and external promotional experience booths and special events

  • Officer in charge Ms. Choi Minha


    Museum and Seoul Yangnyeong City Alley Tour Docent

    Management of operational status such as statistics of visitors and bankbook management of the center

    Volunteer and facility rental management

  • Officer in charge Mr. Seo Joohyun


    Museum and Seoul Yakryeong City Alley Tour Docent

    Research on oriental medicine data, foreign language contents, and graphic production on SNS

    Guide to visitor use, interpretation, response to representative calls, and statistics of visitors計

  • Officer in charge Ms. Kim Inja


    The operation of the oriental medicine experience room(Foot bath, Bojewon oriental medicine experience room)

    Bojewon's oriental medicine experience room

    Graphic production for promotional events

  • Officer in charge Ms. Choi Soojin


    Operating of the oriental medicine experience room(Foot bath, Bojewon, and oriental medicine experience room)

    When the foot bath experience room is closed, the person in charge of the oriental medicine workshop.

    SNS promotion graphic production

  • Officer in charge Mr. Bang Yongjun


    Operating of the facilities such as electricity, fire fighting, and machinery

    CCTV Integrated Control System Facility Management

    Managing the status of regular inspections in museums