Taeyang (Greater Yang) Person

Facial Features

With the neck significantly developed, a taeyang person has a long skull perimeter with well-developed forehead and crown of head. With ears characteristically higher and larger than eyes, a taeyang person has intellectual looks with narrow chin and pointed nose ridge. The person’s eyebrows also tend to turn upward.

With sharp eyes, the person registers a strong impression.

Body Shape

With the part from the chest upward well-developed, the person has a thick and sturdy neck and a big head but the parts from the waist down are weak. With weak waist and lower limbs, the person cannot walk or remain seated for a long time.


A taeyang person is an audacious (charismatic) and creative person. With a relatively rare constitution which provides for strength and resoluteness, such a person’s drawback is that they rarely blend in with others.

Frequently Occurring Diseases

A taeyang person frequently experiences gastroesophageal (functional), musculoskeletal (for waist), and psychiatric diseases (such as sleeplessness and panic).