Food Matching: the Right Food for Different Constitutions

Having the right food for one’s constitution is like taking good medicine. When normally healthy, a person better have well-balanced food with a variety of ingredients.

When ill with diseases, however, a person should get treatment and then take a dietary plan matching his or her constitution.

Taeyang Person

The taeyang person easily gets energy rising upward and has a particular dietary habit often involving an unbalanced diet.

As clear-tasting food with clear energy is appropriate for the person, vegetables and seafood are good, while fatty meat should be avoided.

Beneficial food ingredients: buckwheat, kiwi, grape, quince, water shield, shellfish, carp etc.

Taeeum Person

The taeeum person has a large body and likes eating. Easily eating a lot, such a person is prone to obesity.

The person should have not more than three meals with fixed quantities. Particularly, the person must refrain from eating at night.

Beneficial food ingredients: wheat, bean, sweet potato, Job’s tears, beef, milk, radish, carrot, sea mustard etc.

Soyang Person

With excellent digestion, the soyang person usually eats like a horse.

Chilling food is recommended, while the person should have regular meals.

Beneficial food ingredients: barley, red bean, nappa cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, water melon, melon, strawberry, oyster, pork etc.

Soeum Person

With poor digestion, the soeum person has a severely unbalanced diet.

Warm food is recommended, and such a person better eat often in small quantities. The person must never eat too much.

Beneficial food ingredients: glutinous rice, potato, chicken, croaker, anchovy, apple, peach, spinach, red pepper, mustard etc.