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동대문구시설관리공단 로고Dongdaemun-gu Facility Management Corp.

Yangnyeong Market Public Parking Lot Info

Inquiry(management office for public parking lot)070-5088-2390~1

Parking Area
  • Total Area199
  • B166
  • B272
  • B361
Operating Hours 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
Parking Fee
Parking Fee
Division Hourly parking Daily maximum fee Monthly regular parking
Daytime Night time Whole day
Hours of use per 10 minutes 12 hours 24 hours 09:00~19:00 19:00~Next day 09:00 hours
Parking Fee 500won 1,5000won 20,000won 120,000won 50,000won 170,000won
Parking fee
Division Hourly parking Daily maximum fee Monthly regular parking
Hours of us per 10 minutes 12 hours
Daytime : 09:00~19:00
Night time : 19:00~Next day 09:00
Whole day : 24hours
Parking Fee 500won 1,5000won
Daytime : 120,000won
Night time : 50,000won
Whole day : 170,000won

When applying the daily maximum fee, it cannot be combined with any other discount (reduction) below

Car subject to parking fee discount
80% reduction

Disabled (attach disabled sign, pick up disabled and present welfare card

Person of national merit (present certificate) and patient suffering from real or potential aftereffects of defoliants (present certificate from Office for Patriots Affairs)

50% reduction

Small car (below 1,000cc) and low emission vehicle (attach low emission sticker)

Electric car charge (free for one hour and half off total fee afterwards)

Multiples over triplets (present Dadung Happiness Card)

person of merit for May 18 pro-democracy movement (present related certificate)

30% reduction

Multiples over twins (present Dadung Happiness Card)

Self Car-free day (car attaching the day tag and following it) - unable to get same-day discount

※ Required document when applying for monthly parking: entire copies of discount object related documents other than car registration