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Facility InfoHerbal Medicine Museum

Herbal Medicine Museum

Seoul Yangnyeong Market Herbal Medicine Museum
서울약령시 한의약박물관의 사진
Harmony of Human and Nature
Through introduction of K-medi, regarding humans as a microcosm; historical understanding; medicinal stuff and formula, you can meet the way of balance and harmony connecting nature and health.
Experience New K-medi Culture and Future Vision
Sharing K-medi culture is possible through the process of development of Seoul Yangnyeong Market, globalization of Oriental medicine, and advancement and modernization of K-medi.
Customized Experience Education
Learn herb cultivation and harvesting through interactive video, suitable food and customized exercise according to one’s physical diagnosis. at Educational Culture Experience Room, you can also experience K-medi education and crafts.
Permanent and Special Exhibition
  • Relics290 items and 426 pieces including documents on relics and medicinal equipment
  • Medicinal135 herbal, 72 mineral and animal, and 28 specialized medicines
Foot Bath Experience Room

Healing time for feeling comfortable
physically and mentally

Under a tower with the beauty of a traditional Korean house,
immerse your feet in warm water with medicinal herbs and
heal your tired body and heart.
Operating Hours
Tue, Wed, Sat, Sun 11/14:30/16
Thur, Fri 11 a.m.
First come, first served at Information Desk on 1st floor (With operation of couple foot baths, in case of groups of two, 12 teams and 24 people; in case of individuals, 12 people can experience it)
Experience Fee