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Facility InfoK-medi Beauty Shop

K-medi Beauty Shop

K-medi Beauty Shop - Beautiful Woman

Best quality herbal cosmetics

The shop exhibits and sells quality K-medi cosmetics using Oriental medicine, herbs and environment-friendly materials.
Events and experiences including skin diagnosis are provided by product brands.

한방뷰티샵의 사진
K-medi Product Promotion Hall

From medicinal stuff to health food, tea and daily goods, Seoul Yangnyeong Market's leading items and K-medi-related products selected carefully from all over the country are exhibited and publicized by theme.

한방상품 홍보관의 사진
  • The market’s specialty is selected through product shows in connection with Seoul Yangnyeongsi Association and exhibited.
  • As products of the co-brand with the Medicinal Herb Overall Integrated Cooperation Group of Korea Rural Community Corp.,
    <Mokhwatogeumsu (the Five Elements)> were exhibited, products carefully selected from all over the country are exhibited every month.
Image Experience Room

Through video utilizing whole wall with interactive video visualizing content of sowing seeds, herbal cultivation and harvesting and action recognition sensor, it is activated (three-phase interactive media art responding to the movement). Work out and learn about herbs through this experience.

Educational Culture Experience Room

Experience making K-medi soup and tealight as well as getting a history lesson.

Clothing Experience Room

By wearing the clothing of a Joseon Dynasty doctor, you can experience a doctor's life in that era.