Seoul K-Medi Center

K-medi CenterOrganization


  • Center Director / DirectorCho Nam sook


    Seoul K-medi Center operations executive

    Center’s steering committee and foreign alliance

  • Doctor of Korean MedicineAn Taehan


    Operating free moving clinic of K-medi Center

    Planning medical experience content including K-medi doctor job experience

    Conducting high-tech program to promote Korean medicine (i.e., lectures and demonstrations)

  • CuratorYoon Sung jun


    Managing relics and planning special exhibitions

    Producing museum books, brochures and cultural products

    Managing docents and volunteers

  • Officer in ChargeSeo Bo young


    Planning and managing K-medi exhibitions and events

    Managing and operating subsidiary facilities including K-medi Café and Beauty Shop

    Running business workshop and operating multipurpose space

    Center manager for customers and facilities

  • CuratorKang Jiwon


    Planning and operating museum education program

    Operating center wellness and cultural event program

    Holding program for foreigners and stimulating tourism

  • Officer in ChargeLee Soojin


    Publicizing to media including via news releases

    Operating website and SNS

    Producing promotional content including brochures and visual images